At Bizou Wines, we don't only distribute wine, we sell several specialty spirits from all over the world as well!

In our spirit portfolio, we carry 3 Vodkas that should be your #tastinggoals for the new year.


1961 is the spirit of a different era. 1961 was a single year, but in a way, it was an era all its own. A simpler time, with classic tastes from dress to drink. thin black ties. little black dresses. and long nights filled with possibilities.

1961 is an ultra premium vodka, distilled five times from locally grown white wheat and handcrafted in new york but ONLY distributed in New Orleans.


Wyborowa®, a daring spirit distilled to the highest level of purity, is exported from Poland, a land rich in vodka tradition and craftsmanship. The brand was created in 1927 and it quickly became the pride of Poland thanks to the successful integration of heritage and the latest in distillation techniques. Made from local rye grain, customary in Polish vodka, and finished using a continuous distillation method in the famous distilleries of Western Poland, Wyborowa is internationally known for its authenticity and quality. Throughout its rich history, Wyborowa has stayed true to its heritage while commanding a global presence with more than 30 international awards since its inception.


 TOUCH Vodka is a Florida-based distillery that manufactures one artisan, ultra-premium vodka and three citrus-infused vodka selections.

TOUCH’s artisan, ultra-premium vodka is known as the “liquid aphrodisiac.” It is not flavored with honey but rather, it is uniquely distilled from Florida’s finest, wildflower, blended honey and American grain – all under the careful care of our team of master distillers.  It is the only artisan, ultra-premium vodka that is made this way. We utilize traditional, old-world methods and state-of-the-art technology to ensure consistent quality and excellent taste.

TOUCH also produces Key Lime, Valencia Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit selections that are infused with natural oils of locally-sourced fruit which, results in unique, 80-proof vodkas with no added sugar or coloring.   As a result, these vodkas are not overpowering but are easily mixed with any juice or beverage.

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